Guangtongdian Group Ltd was founded in 2005. So far, its total investment is RMB 250 million. Its headquarters is based in Shenzhen, with branches separately located in Dongguan of Guangdong Province, Xiangyang of Hubei Province and Nanyang of Henan Province.
    The Group is an enterprise specialized in design development, production and sale of various optical lenses and optical components, which achieved a number of product patents. The products mainly contain wide-range lens, high-definition megapixel lens, standard fixed-focal lens, day-night confocal lens and telephoto lens etc. There are products useful for car camera, such as rear-view parking track, 360-degree panorama display, car DVR, ASAS and car night-vision device etc.; smart homeware products, such as security and protection monitoring, APP Wifi camera, IP camera, smart digital door viewer, visual door bell, sweeping robot, refrigerator and air conditioner etc.; digital products, such as sports DV, aerial photo, panorama camera, recorder for law enforcement, AR/VR etc.; and industrial products, such as smart iris recognition for machine, scanner, laser instruments and instruments widely used in optical field. In addition, it is available


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